An exhibition of photographs from Gainesville’s underground punk scene in the 80s and present above ground music scene

Connect- /kəˈnekt/-verb - to bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

Connect is an exhibition of black and white photographs taken by Hudson Luce of Gainesville’s underground punk scene in the 80s and color photographs by lsasto of Gainesville’s now above ground music scene. There is a complexity to the experience of watching live music, that mystic connection from the eye to one’s soul. These images show the photographers’ artistry in trying to capture that emotional interchange between musicians and audience. To freeze time with an image of the crowd, a jump or a hair flip…

The artists:
"Some people react to music by clapping, some by moshing; others quietly sit by and take it all in. I react and interact with music by taking photographs and then doing things with the images to transmute the energy into a visual form. Some of the images here are straight raw images, captured by the lens of the camera, some are manipulated by the process of making a photographic print and are the product of decisions made in that process. Although the images may have documentary value, my intent was not evidentiary, rather it was to interact on a deeper level. The viewer can judge for him or herself how successful that was."
-Hudson Luce

“I like taking pictures.”

Call to artists

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